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When it comes to directing, founder Cie Peterson is our go-to choice every time. Her keen eye, visionary leadership, and uncanny ability to foster a safe and collaborative atmosphere make her the ideal choice not only for our organization but for yours as well. Whether she is behind the scenes running-and-gunning MOS footage for top agencies, directing a full-scale production at a local theater, or helming an original crowdfunded project like A Coupla Pros or If I Had a Dime, she commits wholeheartedly to crafting an exquisite whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

“Directing a play calls for a range of skills: the English teacher’s gift for close reading and sensitivity to the nuances of language; the architect’s ability to shape space; the choreographer’s sense of flow and movement; the photographer’s eye for framing a picture. Most importantly, it requires the diplomat’s ability to foster a sense of shared purpose among a phalanx of collaborators in the service of bringing to life a unified, coherent artistic vision. It’s tough for any director to possess equal strength in all of these job descriptions, but Cie Peterson is the exception who does.”

~Jan Neuberger/A.E.A., SAG-AFTRA actor


To Thine Own Self (an evening of one-acts)  —  Ethel Walker School

5 Arts Connecticut  —  Charter Oak Cultural Center

The Children’s Story  —  Ferguson Theatre

Brighton Beach Memoirs  —  Playhouse on Park

Click  —  Reverie Productions, NYC

The Nerd  —  Archbishop Molloy High School

Lovers and Other Strangers  —  The Village Players

Our Town  —  Archbishop Molloy High School

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