A smart, funny, grown-up cartoon series conceived, produced, and directed by Cie Peterson.

When groovy actress Miranda Davis slides headlong into unforeseen debt and an unrelenting debt collector, she determines to rescue herself armed only with spunk, a can-do gal pal, and a starry-eyed scheme to spin the mundane into the must watch!

Cartoon reality TV . . . reality TV just got a whole lot smarter.

Looking to put Miranda to work?

SYNOPSIS: Set in the 1970s, If I Had a Dime tells the story of Miranda Davis, a middle-aged actress with the spunk of Mary Richards, the career of Joey Tribiani, and the financial woes of George Bailey. After 30 years of playing out her tantalizingly near-glamorous life in the entertainment mecca known as Generic City, Miranda receives bad news of the tax kind and finds herself entangled with the Underpaid/Overdue Agency—the UO, for short—and its most exacting agent, Earnest Mee. Assigned the task of discovering just how extensive the tax debt is, Mee discovers instead that his latest mark is none other than the second-string actress for whom he carries a first-rate torch. As duty collides with adoration, Mee realizes that a protracted audit may provide the means he needs to unravel the accounting conundrum while simultaneously wooing the adored Miranda. In the meantime, Miranda seeks solutions, turning first, as always, to her fearless best gal-pal Beatrice Hardy in whose tool-laden garage inspiration strikes. Enlisting Bea’s help, Miranda sets out to do something that’s never been done before: document her life, and televise it for everyone to see. True, it is questionable whether audiences will want to watch a real life unfold, but plucky Miranda is certain: celluloid tales of an actor’s life—even her actor’s life, spent in the shadow of actors far more famous than she—are her best hope for doing the ultimate deed…saving herself!

Character Descriptions

Meet Miranda Davis

Miranda Davis

Just like her heart-shaped hair, Miranda is pumped up! She is filled with a joyful energy and enthusiasm that propel her forward despite a life of marginal success. True, Miranda falls down often, but she picks herself up just as often even if, at times, she needs the assistance of her adored son Anton or admired friend Bea to accomplish the task. Unabashedly optimistic, Miranda’s biggest flaw is her inability to deal realistically with life, causing her, at times, to pursue dreams and concoct plans that others can see may not…probably will not…pan out, even as she commits to them with full vigor.

Meet Beatrice Hardy

Beatrice (Bea) Hardy

Bea is Miranda’s long-time, can-do, take-charge, best gal pal. Fiercely independent, she is nonetheless a woman of great warmth and heart who secretly revels in the unpredictability that is part and parcel of being friends with Miranda… most of the time, anyway. A few years older than Miranda, Bea is a widow who still lives in the house she shared with her husband, where she repairs everything that breaks and conquers virtually every challenge she faces. That is, until she rediscovers a seemingly innocent camera that may be the solution Miranda needs and the obstacle Bea can’t overcome.

Meet UO Agent Earnest Mee

UO Agent Earnest Mee

Mee is, first and foremost, a steadfast government employee… a grave and stern taxman ardently committed to the noble vocation that is his life’s work: accounting for and collecting every last penny owed the Underpaid/Overdue Agency – the UO, for short. (He makes his mother Mimi Mee very proud.) But when he is dispatched to audit the adored Miranda, in whose presence he becomes complete mush, duty crashes headlong into devotion, and his unshakeable resolve bumps right up against his desire to win her heart.

Meet Pecksniffian


Miranda’s longtime theatrical agent, he is the “brains” behind Pecksniffian and Associates, although there appears to be little evidence of associates and even less of brains. Chomping on unlit cigars – he’s allergic to smoke – and rifling through a rolodex with names but no numbers, he sits in his office waiting for the next big act to come through the door. Unfortunately, ‘Sniff, as Miranda and Bea call him, is singularly unimaginative, and so he continually fails to recognize a winner even when one lands right on his doorstep.