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Clouds and a Waffle Productions

Clouds and a Waffle Productions is a creative, collaborative production company helmed by director, writer, and content creator Cie Peterson. With a decade of tough-as-nails NYC video production experience and more than a decade of synergistic directing experience, Cie brings a unique perspective to the art of visual story-telling, attended by an energy that is ceaselessly creative, indefatigably productive, and joyfully rigorous.

Unearthing stories that need to be told and then telling them well, that is what Clouds and a Waffle Productions is all about.

Current Production

When a racially-ambiguous stand-up comic bombs offstage with his pre-K daughter, he sets out to reconcile nagging questions of identity and manhood so he can finally become a stand-up guy.

It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes a child to raise a father.

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Now Casting Lead Roles in "A Coupla Pros"


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Clouds and a Waffle's newest series - A Coupla Pros

Two golf widows tee off their business partnership with the purchase of a pro shop, but will their limited know-how make scoring with the eccentric country club clientele more of a hazard than they bargained for?

Why Clouds and A Waffle?

Clouds and a Waffle is a name that honors the two women who frame my life…
The clouds, charged with transporting good fortune across the miles, come from the one who brought me into this world; the waffle, a happily accidental moniker for love, comes from the one who I myself set off and running.

They are symbols of relentless support and abiding affection with a heavy dose of the sillies thrown in for good measure.

Wishing you fortunate clouds and cherished waffles of your very own.

When groovy actress Miranda Davis slides headlong into unforeseen debt and an unrelenting debt collector, she sets out to rescue herself armed only with spunk, a can-do gal pal, and a starry-eyed scheme to spin the mundane into the must watch!

Cartoon reality TV . . . reality TV just got a whole lot smarter.

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