About Clouds and A Waffle Productions…

Founded in 2017, Clouds and a Waffle Productions is a female owned and operated, SAG-AFTRA signatory providing digital media and video services to small and mid-size companies throughout Southern New England. Whether you need full production services to drive a project from origination to completion, or just a helpful set of hands to furnish an assist along the way, we are powered by a mighty team of experienced, professional union and non-union crew and talent. From the nascent stages of scriptwriting and casting through the final phases of music scoring and video editing, our carefully curated team, representing the best that NY, CT, and MA have to offer, — and that’s saying a lot! — bring an exacting eye for every detail that needs attention in order for the final product to be executed fully and well, on time and within budget.

Unearthing stories that need to be told and telling them well… That is what Clouds and a Waffle Productions is all about!

About Cie Peterson…

Our founder Cie Peterson is a multi-hyphenate. Her career is built on the extensive training, education, and hands-on experience of a woman navigating nearly every aspect of the business over several decades. From actor to director, production manager to producer, freelancer to company founder, whether in front of an audience or behind the scenes, on mic or on set, in the theater or on a sound stage, Cie has amassed vast expertise across multiple disciplines.

Sought after as a freelancer-for-hire and highly regarded for her work as a director, production supervisor, location scout/manager, and acting coach, Cie stands out as a creative dynamo who is versatile, imaginative, and exceedingly resourceful. Her gift for collaboration is unparalleled and her commitment to excellence time-tested. Eminently concerned with the welfare and success of her clients, she commands an uncanny ability to ideate fluidly, rapidly, and tirelessly, achieving objectives whether as solo act, leader of the pack, or member of the team.

With Clouds and a Waffle, Cie has created the perfect vehicle for a most essential task: telling the story. Regardless of the content or the medium, be it in service of her vision or someone else’s, she brings to the art of visual story-telling an energy that is ceaselessly creative and joyfully productive.

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