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We offer full production services powered by a collaborative team of professionals who get things done! With countless productions under our collective belt, long-standing relationships built over the course of more than twenty years, and an outstanding roster of talent and crew, you’ll want our creative hands to join with yours.

“Highly organized and expert at organizing complex projects into prioritized components, so the job gets done in the most efficient and effective manner possible.”

Bruce Bayley Johnson
Disney Voice Actor & Owner Bruce B. Johnson Superspots Inc.


As a team of writers, directors, filmmakers, and performers ourselves, we know how to craft a unified and poignant vision and then help bring that vision to life. Beginning with talent castinglocation scouting, and script writing and moving through the creation of story boards, pre-pro books, and loglines, we can help move your project seamlessly from inception to “lights, camera, action.”

“They bring a range of incredible talents to film projects: storytelling, directing, editing, visual vision, voiceovers, talent coordination, project management and much more.”

Aaron Wartner/President
BuzzEngine Marketing & Events

Script Samples:

script writing
Script Sample work


In addition to our deep experience as producers, production coordinators, and location managers, we have long been nurturing invaluable connections with a full slate of top crew… from PA’s to DP’s, G&E to HMU, audio engineers to camera ops. Our mighty team of skilled professionals flaunt their talents across multiple areas that include television and web series, sporting events, music videos, documentary films, films for tv, commercial spots and PSAs, tourism and promotional pieces, livestream virtual events, and much, much more.

Hartford production company
Connecticut production manager
Connecticut locations manager

“Cie engenders loyalty. The amount of resources we had available to us from professional actors, editors, and sound engineers is a credit to Cie’s character and her compassion.”

Don Kelly/Staff Writer
Spectrum Culture

Post Production

When it comes to visual storytelling, deciding what to cut out is often more challenging than what to leave in. That’s what makes editing such a formidable craft and why you should entrust it to only the most talented experts. For a pristine edit that brings together the story you want to tell, give us a call.

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Whether I’m in need of a voice (ages 8 to 80), a creative opinion on a script, or a keen eye to take a look at a rough cut and tell me why it’s not working, they are always eager to contribute just the right ingredient for the job.”

Jim Azzara
Video Editor at StudioRx; Independent Filmmaker

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